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” If you are not first class you have to defend the extra space like it’s a Stradivarius. I have pages and pages of notes, not because I’m a good music parent, but because I write journal entries during music lessons. I guess I could do that if I were married to George. I should know because my first husband was a UCLA film school guy but all I learned is that the director always casts women he wants to sleep with.

If you are first class you can tap the flight attendant on the arm and say, “Can you make sure our violin is okay? And I pretend to be a disinterested party while I listen to the flight attendant telling people to check their bags. The first thing I have to do is copy cello and piano notes from today’s lessons into an email so my younger son can practice while my older son and I are in Los Angeles.

OPM discovered a second data breach that affects federal employees, contractors, and others. Remember to continue checking your credit report at, in case information is misused in the future.

If you received a letter from OPM, please visit to learn more about what happened and to sign up for free identity protection services. You can order a free report from each of the three credit reporting agencies once a year.

And I’d be the worker who’s great at selling off-label pharmaceuticals to unsuspecting co-workers to fund my habit. Also, I’m just telling you now, while I’m being gross about blood, that my editor almost always cuts parts about blood but he’ll never be able to cut all the blood out of this post. Have an illogical sense of your importance to the world. Because the opening shot should be a close up of me pulling at a cuticle, and it rips, and you see a pool of blood in the nail bed, and in the background is cello music.

Last week the piano teacher asked to see my notes and I clutched my notebook to my chest and screamed no like I was Jan Brady avoiding Marcia’s prying eyes. If I could stop picking my cuticles when I’m anxious then I could use that same skill to stop eating when I’m anxious and I’d be so thin I’d be a bathing suit model. When Amal Clooney gets nervous about flying, does she want to eat? I always tell people that money wouldn’t change any of their problems, but suddenly realize that I’m the exception to that rule. Have a lot of crackpot ideas for what you can sell. I mean, I have anxiety medicine and I still think about how I need anxiety medicine for when the anxiety medicine doesn’t work. I would be such a good drug addict—the kind that is high-functioning and could even handle an investor meeting under the influence. Anyway, I’m the exception to the rule about how money can’t solve your problems because if I could just go shopping when I’m anxious then I wouldn’t eat or pick my cuticles. Boccherini is an exacting composer for a six-year-old cellist.

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The questions and offered answer-choices are shown below: The results are calculated and there are always 1000 members from your area whose profiles match your answers no matter how you answer the questions (we tried several times).

It starts with a question like, "Are you a homeowner? "The point of these questions, it turns out, might be to get you to say, "Yes."According to some reports, your "yes" could then be used to sign you up for a service you didn't ask for and -- should you protest -- the scammer will then playback your verbal agreement to intimidate you.

This scam has previously targeted businesses but is now The Detroit Free Press reports the Better Business Bureau has fielded complaints from 62 people.

Wisconsin's BBB says 50 people have reported receiving such calls.

CBS News reports that authorities in Pennsylvania and Virginia have issued warning about the phone scam.

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