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Morgan Stanley writes that Tinder has already reached 40 percent of its core addressable market in the U.S., and while it sees the app having 111 million users by 2018, its growth rate will fall to 8 percent.You are never too young or too old to fall for the one who deserves your heart. I have been reminded to dedicate more time to my own relationships. And I have been renewed and fulfilled daily by the power of the human spirit. Our record October of new clients supports this theory.

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after struggling to meet "quality" men with my busy schedule as a career woman.

Again, no online proclamation needed, when we pride ourselves as the opposite of “online” dating. And it takes our personal 2-hour interview to determine whether we feel like we can be successful in matching you with what you are seeking.

Today, I ran in to a man for whom I have matched about a half dozen times with quality bachelors serious in wanting a monogamous relationship. Whether you’ve had love and lost it, or you are seeking your first real love, the search does not have to be painful, but is a process to learn more about what works for you in this stage of your life.

"First, given the young age of the target demo and frequent unwillingness to pay monthly recurring fees for social services, we believe Tinder will not have much success monetizing with a high-cost recurring monthly subscription offering," Morgan Stanley wrote in a note to clients on Wednesday.

The challenge with freemium (charging for re-swipes, undos, read-receipts) is that a very small percentage of single people have shown an interest in paying for online dating.

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