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In fact the iconic roles of men being the sex-crazed instigators seemed to have flip-flopped in the last decade or so, with just as many women begging for it each night.So while women love making love and doing the dirty, there are a few things men do -or more specifically, ask- during the act that will have their girlfriends rolling their eyes and losing their urge to O.Lizbeth (18:1): you were lookina for oorn werent you?

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[Read: 23 tips to improve your dirty talk skills] #2 Watching porn.

If you think the role of damsel in erotic distress is degrading to women, or restraint can't be romantic, then you won't like our Realm.

But if you felt your first stirrings of romance when a heroine struggled in a villain's bonds, and you believe helplessness enhances allure, then this site is for you.

[Read: 12 annoying things guys do that make girls want to fake it] The sex requests women wish you’d shut up about Curious to know if you fall under the “stop asking” category?

Here are 5 sex questions your girlfriend is sick of you asking, and what you can do about it. So your lover offered you a bit of naughty role-play or a fabulous fantasy one special occasion, and now you’re requesting it all the time.

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