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At the other extreme, “Paint wall 1; paint wall 2; paint wall 3” is too much detail.

Each employee logs on to Track Star using their unique ID and password.Thanks to , we’ve extracted reports on what skillsets exist in the company and where those people are located geographically. Generate a ‘core’ list of skills we want to focus on as a corporation. Identify geographic areas where we might need to beef up our ‘core’ skills.So these are just a few insights into how You access Track Star by clicking on a browser link.However, the traditional deal for fast-trackers, in terms of long-term employment and upward mobility within the organisation in exchange for their loyalty and commitment (Iles, 1997), appears to be a quickly eroding one.In the new business reality characterised by greater globalisation and the emergence of career types that span different organisations (Dries & Pepermans, 2008), not only are individuals becoming less inclined to settle for lifelong employment within a single company, organisations are also increasingly unwilling to give out such promises (Viney, Adamson & Doherty, 1997).

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