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Chat and IM with someone in your area, or you can talk to lots of singles at once in our chat room forum, it's better than a regular chat line.Lounging in a boat anchored near his home, daydreaming about a ‘pretty wench’ he’d spotted in Westminster earlier that day, Samuel Pepys became so aroused that he ejaculated spontaneously, having ‘it complete avec la fille …without my hand’, as he recorded complacently in his diary, the ‘first time I did make trial of my strength of fancy of that kind’.The pride was that of a world-class wanker, an inveterate fantasist delighting in imaginary ‘sport’ with bevies of accommodating lovelies, including Mrs Steward, Charles II’s inamorata, and the queen (even in fantasy, Pepys was a staunch royalist).Female masturbators, previously sidelined, acquired new prominence, and the prevention of infantile masturbation became a Europe-wide obsession.

Some episodes, straining for historical resonance, are merely foolish and trite--as when a German officer (Avignon is now occupied by the Vichy fascist militia and the Germans) takes advantage of his Polish maid: ""She was his, she submitted, and the thought excited his cupidity; he overwhelmed her as his army would soon overwhelm her country and people, raping it, wading in its blood."" But Constance--a Swiss-trained psychoanalyst who returns to Tu Duc after her husband is killed in Egypt by his own English troops (a terrible error)--is a somewhat more rewarding central focus than was the flashier Livia.

And when Constance develops an intense philosopho-erotic love affair with an Egyptian named Affad, Durrell has the opportunity to show off his undeniable talent for tackling sex in a slightly mad fashion: energized by Affad's jaunty sex-chat (""conscious orgasm,"" healthy sperm, women's thighs as ""the tuning-fork of male intuition""), the Constance/Affad section is very odd yet quite exquisite.

Like Livia, then, most of this third installment is too fussy and eccentric to attract those who aren't already devoted Durrell-ians; but there are piquant sequences here that will interest all connoisseurs of offbeat sexual sensibilities.

Mum hasn’t been with my Dad since I was a baby and always chose to keep boyfriends away from home.

With me and my older brother up and gone, she’s enjoyed a solitary home life that allows her to do exactly as she wanted.

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