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Here are some “keep safe” rules to follow that I stick too.Here are some common questions about these websites: When you’re in a group or private chat, ask the girl some up to the minute questions like…In order to function as a tester for USERLYTICS, you will need to download a software application ("Userlytics Recorder") from our website, USERLYTICS.COM (the "Website"), which will provide you with access to our testing platform, and you will also need to download other SW languages or applications if they are not already installed on your computer.By downloading Userlytics Studio, you hereby authorize USERLYTICS to access the computer on which you download Userlytics Studio for the express purpose of and to the extent required for your participating as a tester in the qualitative research testing services.You agree to assume full responsibility for any damage caused to your system, any programs, data or information related to or arising from such downloads or the testing services you provide.

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For purposes of providing these studies, our service matches up testers to clients who want their or another party's website, advertisement, animation video, website search process, software, software prototype or other element, remotely analyzed via the Internet by testers.

The testers may be connected to the Internet from their home, or other Internet connection facility, at their own discretion.

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