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Vers la fin de 1965, le look des guitares Fender avait changé de façon significative et tous les guitaristes ont senti la qualité de leurs guitares et de leurs amplis baisser à cause du processus de fabrication de masse employé par CBS. 4) le bois de rose brésilien a été remplacé par du bois de rose indien.

Les modifications apportées aux guitares Fender vers la fin de1965 sont en premier lieu: 1) la largeur de la tête sur les stratocasters. Les modifications, apportées par CBS pour baisser le coût, ont contribuées à changer le look des Fender et soi-disant le son des guitares, ce qui ne plaisait pas aux guitaristes.

The Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III amp also packs these upgrades over previous models: easy-view black control panel with front-reading text, new badge, streamlined footswitch, graduated volume and treble pot tapers, tighter overdrive and a Celestion G12P-80 speaker.We combined all of our information into a computerized database for this project and for the past 18 months have been slowly (sadly, very slowly) gathering information that we collect ourselves as well as from other people. What we need is the following: 1) Model name 2) Model number on the tube chart 3) Date code letters on the tube chart 4) Speaker codes (if speaker is original) 5) Transformer codes (if the amp doesn't have date codes on the tube chart) 6) Cosmetic features (flat/raised logo, tweed/tolex, blackface/silverface, rough/ smooth blond tolex, white/skirted knobs, TV-front/wide-panel, etc.) One very interesting and very important factoid has surfaced regarding the date code letters on the tube chart.In the fall of 1965, Fender switched from stamping these numbers in black ink, to dark green ink.Dating Fender Tube Amps by Serial Number, Part I by Greg Gagliano Copyright 1997, 20th Century Guitar Magazine. Well, we'll get to good parts, but first a little background information is in order.After reading Teagle and Sprung's excellent Fender amp book, I took them up on their challenge that maybe someday someone will compile enough serial numbers so that Fender amps can be dated that way. I contacted several Fenders collectors and dealers who were kind enough to supply me with data.

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