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She would hope that if she gave me enough sexual pleasure, I would realize that she was the girl for me.During those moments, a woman often try her very best to please you during sex in the hope that you will possibly change your mind and commit to her…even if she has done that 10 times over the past few months.These days, dating multiple people at once is something that both men and women do to enjoy a fun and exciting lifestyle full of sex, love and rollercoaster emotions.Some people want to settle down and get married right now, some want to start a family as soon as possible and others just want enjoy sex and good times for a while. If you are a man who is interested in dating multiple women at once, you may: Back to my story about dating multiple women…I would turn her on and love her in the way that she really wanted in that moment.She would look at me with excitement, hoping that somewhere deep in my mind, I was beginning to change and would only want to be with her.There doesn’t seem to be huge red flags for either (each showing the right amount of interest in both my brain and my body, texting the right amount without the effusive overkill I’m used to –lots of “rights”), but I’m starting to sense that a time for decision-making is in the pipeline.

Of course, I’m scared stiff about the possibility of both of them not getting in touch again if either I don’t have sex with him after going round to his, or if I do end up sleeping with him, but I’m pushing that out of my mind.

I’m dating two guys who both seem wonderful, and it’s early, pre-sex days with each, and approaching a third date with both.

Up to this point, I’ve been level-headed about it, but I suppose I never expected one or both to stick around for this long, because it’s never worked out for me before.

Who said you have to go straight to a relationship? A couple of weeks ago I wrote about why dating is a discovery phase for fact finding.

I don’t want to get into a relationship too quickly?

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