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17 November 1998Regina v Klineberg and another Court of Appeal, Criminal Division (Lord Justice Rose, Vice-President, Mr Justice Scott Baker and Mr Justice Maurice Kay) 6 November 1998 WHERE THE recipient of money for the purpose of transmission to a stakeholder misapplies that money for his own purposes he may be guilty of theft, notwithstanding that the money has, when paid into his bank account, been replaced by a chose in action in the form of a credit balance belonging to him, since the money is deemed by section 5(3) of the Theft Act 1968 to be "property belonging to another".The Court of Appeal allowed in part the appeal of Jonathan Simon Klineberg and David Marsden against their convictions of theft.When a particle reaches a surface with the Periodic Condition, it is immediately mapped to a destination point on a second surface.After the particle is mapped to the destination surface, its velocity can either be kept the same, rotated (for sector symmetry), or set to a new value by a user-defined expression.Marsden was a director of a company, Powerhouse Canaries Ltd (PCL), which had taken over the marketing of a timeshare complex in Lanzarote, the Tinajo Country Club (TCC). Klineberg was in charge of PCL's office in England, and stood to gain in the company's profits.A trust company, Timeshare Trustees International (TTI), had been appointed to act as trustee/stakeholder.In each case the purchaser had paid a sum, either by cheque, bank transfer or cash, into PCL's bank account.

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In a written statement read in court, the victim said that the incidents had left her feeling ‘uncomfortable in my own home’ and worried ‘where the images might be shared’.

Particle tracing in rotating frames allows for easier modeling of particle motion in rotating machinery, such as mixers and turbomolecular pumps, because the particle trajectories can be computed in a frame of reference that is attached to the moving geometry.

By adding this feature to a model, release-based features will include an option to specify whether the initial particle velocity is defined with respect to the rotating frame or with respect to the inertial (nonrotating) frame.

This layer is roughly 100 kilometers wide, and sits beneath the lithospheric plate.

While this phenomenon typically forms a more symmetrical pattern in the lab, as shown left, it’s thought that the crust beneath nearby Greenland is preventing it from spreading as far on the western side, giving it an uneven distribution.

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