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Our day-to-day activities take us to every corner of the island, and we always take a camera. Get in-depth views of tours and day trips, both on and off the island. Take a virtual excursion to Phuket’s neighbours – Phi Phi Island, Koh Samui, Khao Lak, or Coral Island (among others).

Sharing Phuket with the world isn’t a job – it’s a passion.

Drawing on decades of records and years of experience with the forces that transform pile powder into dangerous unstable mounds, Klock planned to launch 15 rounds into the mountain about 300 miles north of Los Angeles, just off Highway 395.

Around a.m., Klock said, “All right, let’s start shooting.”Wind and snow blew into the cramped room when the men opened a garage-style door.

More training doesn’t always result in more muscles growth.

If you’re able to do this kind of training for these types of exercises, be ready to pack on some critical beef!

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