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Stahl said his client didn’t know fireworks and Vaseline are bomb-making materials.

In court Tuesday, the federal prosecutor says 15-to-20 witnesses may be called during the trial.

AE: [laughs] Soko: No, I live in the east, surrounded by musicians, and fun people.

AE: So I write for a gay magazine — Soko: Oh, great!

Stahl told CBS the government has acted too aggressively by charging the two students in connection with the bombing.I think what people have to just naturally give me the respect for is the fact that me being a woman and no matter what I’ve done, fault to mistakes or right to wrong, that I’m able to step out and be like, ‘This is who I am and this is who I love to be with. I’m on a reality show so you get what you get.’ How do your parents feel about you dating girls?[Cyn and I] actually recently made our mothers meet and it was a liberating moment because I really don’t care what the world thinks.Erica Mena: I think it’s funny because that’s the moment you take the time to put into perspective how crucial, incredible and foolish society is.I don’t think it’s accepted naturally to be bisexual, especially as a woman.

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