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"The trailer is very serious", he conceded, "But (writer/director) David Ayer is a psychopath! After a three-week hiatus, the freshman comedy returns Tuesday at /c with an all-new Halloween episode.In the meantime, we'll have to settle for Tuesday's "Halloween," which finds Mindy (Mindy Kaling) thrown into crisis mode after running into her ex (played by Bill Hader).Fox gives full-season orders to "[Bill Hader] comes on and he was so, so funny," Barinholtz says. The episode will re-introduce the sports agent Josh (Tommy Dewey ) who she met at the club and pose a dilemma for Mindy when she can't decide whether or not to go to an ESPN Halloween party with him. He's playing a thus-far unnamed character in the movie, and chatting to Zap2It, he said, "I can tell you my character in that movie is someone you would not want at your house for dinner.He’s a very troubled human being." As for the film itself, Barinholtz noted that the rather grim first trailer isn't necessarily indicative of what's to come.

Morgan "Ransom" Tookers is one of the main characters on Hulu comedy The Mindy Project. He is a nurse at Mindy Lahiri's obstetric practice.

K., you got it, man,’ it just takes you right back to high school. Like Desmond and Penny, these two had already gotten plenty of action in flashback scenes. ), turned everything around in episode 9 of the first season. Poor Spike (TV’s finest example of the bad-boy-redeemed-by-love trope) finally got to kiss the slayer (when they both weren’t under the influence of a spell) and Joss Whedon let them have the final crescendo of the show’s musical episode.

Like getting pushed into a locker.”)In addition to , which Barinholtz praises by saying, “This one is even more dumb. Buffy and Spike are another toxic couple, but this moment, a culmination of a did it first and they did it better.

As a teenager, he was incarcerated in Otisville prison for motor vehicle theft, which involved his cousin, Lou Tookers.

He is hired to replace the former nurse Beverly after he fixes Mindy's broken nose.

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