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Please control yourselves from spreading false posts as it can cause severe damage to the person involved."Despite the denial, many fans and netizens have turned their backs and commented, "Bullsh*t lol They obviously went to a hotel together.

No fans are going to believe the official statement", "Saying it's not true...

MF: So is that sort of like how you should take note of a change in routine? But if you feel like the change in routine has made you less connected in your relationship, then you might be onto something.His victim moved to Britain for her education and was in line to take over the multi-million pound family business back in Nanjing, China, when she completed her masters in International Business.But she fell under Matthews' spell in 2015 and would use her wealth to lavish him with gifts and luxury trips abroad.Before she died the 'brilliant student' was missing lectures because of his months of 'controlling and coercive behaviour' and her weight had also plummeted to 7st.Xixi went to hospital with a broken jaw a month before she died in August last year and was killed when Matthews flew into a rage after wrongly suspecting her of getting a text message from another man and left her with catastrophic injuries.

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